If there is an image you like and wish to purchase it as a print, or as a high, or low resolution jpeg, please contact me.                                                                                Please note that the legally binding copyright will be retained by Maureen Douglas-Green at all times.

I will be able to supply prints in a variety of forms. I do not have any stock of printed pieces, because I only ever print ‘one off’ pictures at a time, to the requirements of the purchaser and to guarantee provenance.

 I can print to the size you require, up to a maximum of 40cm in width, the rest in proportion, on a standard, high quality paper, or on a fine art paper appropriate to the image.

 Because I do not always have access to my printing facilities, printing and despatch may take a while, but you will be informed of all progress.

 ‘Canvas’ prints can also be printed commercially to your requirements.                                       

A selection of blank, greeting cards will be available, so look to see updates.

 I undertake commissions in a wide variety of subject fields. Don’t hesitate to make enquiries if you like my style of photography and individuality.