Moor Fusion

For many years I have created a variety of photographic workshops that have been tailored to the requirements of different groups. Working with up to twelve people,
I have explored many of the advantages offered by digital photography, from a total beginner’s level to more competent levels.

Workshops can include:-

*     Basic camera functions
*     Effective composition
*     Basic processing using        PhotoShop and Lightroom
*     Observation challenges
*     Botanical photography
*     Recording for posterity, as with gardens or heritage features
*     Working with the nude form
*     Recording as an aid to further development through drawing, painting textiles       and sculpture
*     Effective story telling through images
*     Prediction, using observation to confidently record the crucial moment

I also work with people in one-to-one tutorials. This is usually for a day, or half day, for people to gain confidence, to build on specific skills, or to encourage a higher level of challenge.
One-to-one sessions can be booked as birthday presents, anniversary presents, or to get your partner out from under your feet.