Events - Past

(29) 2018 The Journey

Harbour House, Kingsbridge.

Solo photographic exhibition of 117 mounted, framed prints, additional browser box prints, ‘online’ small, inexpensiveunmounted, unframed, 10cmx15cm prints and blank greeting cards.  The exhibition was partially retrospective, illustrating the photographic journey I have undertaken since photography became a passion. New work was included from around theUK, France, Portugal, macro, the nude form and unique observation. This was my final major, solo photographic exhibition in this location. 

(28) 2016 Beyond The Void

Harbour House, Kingsbridge.

Solo photographic exhibition of 109 mounted, framed prints, additional browser box prints and cards. A continuous random image projection also played.  I had thought I had done very little photography of merit since the previous exhibition here and felt that I was going through a creative void. Having submitted and been accepted to stage an exhibition here, I searched and found I did indeed have more than enough work of adequate quality to mount this exhibition.

(27) 2015 The Beauty of Maturity

Stuart House, Liskeard

This joint photographic exhibition, was held with Howard Nowlan and Richard Douglas-Green to celebrate the beauty and form of ladies over the age of 50. I was the model in Richard’s images.
The exhibition was staged to increase cancer awareness. The exhibition was in aid of St. Luke’s Hospice.
The re-processing and printing of Howard’s eight images, processing and printing Richard’s six images and my thirty-three images, was done by me, together with mounting and framing the prints. 

(26) 2015 Le Petit Parisien

Restaurant, Sutton Harbour, Plymouth.

It is indeed unfortunate that this restaurant no longer exists in this picturesque area of Plymouth. My framed images of a variety of French scenes formed a rolling exhibition for over a year and were also available for purchase.

(25) 2015 The Cafe,

Harbour House, Kingsbridge.

For five months of the year, images from the exhibition Stories Without Words’ were displayed around the Cafe walls at Harbour House, as a rolling exhibition. The framed images were for sale, as was a selection of blank greeting cards.

( 24) 2014 Stories Without Words

Harbour House, Kingsbridge.

Often it is required to give pieces of art work a title. I can understand requirement to do this for identification, but it is not a practice I particularly like. In this exhibition, none of the 90 framed images had titles, just a number location. This was because I wanted people to be able to weave their own stories around an image, because many were thought provoking. As with every exhibition that I have presented at Harbour House, I was on hand, stewarding at all times and so was able to answer any questions, or explain the real story behind each picture, which was invariably longer than any title could express! The photograph of the attic at Quinoalc’h was in this exhibition, as was Treguier Cathedral.

(Please see Pictures Of My Lifetime in the Galleries section) .
Greetings cards and browser box prints were also available at this exhibition . 

(23) 2013 Drawn To The ValleyTrerise Gallery, The Hoe, Plymouth

This joint exhibition, organised by ‘Drawn To The Valley’ celebrates the diversity of artistic talent in the region of the Tamar Valley. I shared the space in the small Trerise Gallery, which sadly is no longer a gallery space, with print maker Jan Brewerton and fine artist Katrina Solano. Over 20 framed prints, mainly local were available for sale, as were prints in the browser box and a variety of blank greeting cards.

( 22) 2013 Jeremiah’s Journey

Derriford Hospital Social Club, Plymouth

This exhibition of predominently local work was organised in conjunction with the local children’s support charity Jeremiah’s Journey’ with a contribution of sales donated to the charity. Originally scheduled as a day exhibition, I was offered an extension to a week.

( 21) 2013 Living Coasts

Living Coasts, Torquay

I was invited to exhibit a selection of my local wildlife and botanical photography along with a small group of other wildlife artists. During the original exhibition time, when I was stewarding the presentation, I also used a continuous screen projection of my work, taken at Living Coasts, and also around the coast of the South West. . I was asked at the end of the stated exhibition time if I would leave my work, and add to it, to maintain a rolling exhibition for the following two months.  

(20) 2013 Café, BHS

British Home Stores, Plymouth

As the result of having been asked to talk to the Plymouth and District Photography Club, I was offered exhibition space in café. Twenty four images, canvases and framed images were displayed as a rolling exhibition during the opening hours of the store.

(19) 2012 Vide Grenier

Les Hangars, Scrignac

This exhibition of my work provided a colourful backdrop to the cafe section of les hangars in the village of Scrignac, Finisterre, in Brittany, when I was invited for the second time by the vide grenier committee to mount an exhibition. Some work was framed , but the majority mounted and wrapped in protective film. Over 50 images were displayed in this way, whilst others were available from the browser box. Cards were also available for purchase. The exhibition had a strong Breton content, together with a large section of macro flower images.

(18) 2012 Curious Wanderings

Harbour House, Kingsbridge

This exhibition, featured 96 new, framed images, browser box selection and greeting cards, as well as a continuous screen presentation. Again there was an eclectic selection of styles and subject content represented. It was this exhibition in which there was a board with a 2.5m long, MDFmounted print of a 32 image, hand held, hand created panorama of Plymouth. It had the notice ‘Work in progress’, due to an unfortunate wrinkle almost at the end of the mounting. Do see Pictures of my Lifetime in Galleries for the full story! My Home Page image was also first shown in this exhibition as was ‘The Outhouse’. The exhibition also hosted the first public performance of a musical composition by Billie Bottle & The Multiple.

(17) 2011 Vide Grenier,

Les Halles, Scrignac, France

This was the first exhibition I was invited to present as part of Scrignac’s vide grenier activities. It included about 50 framed and mounted pieces of work, a browser box selection and greeting cards based on the local area, and several other subjects. It also featured metre long panoramas of various different subjects. Held in the café section of Les Halles, it provided a display of added interest for visitors, as did the continuous screen projection images of my work.

(16) 2011 Garden In The House

The Garden House, Buckland Monachorum

This was the second exhibition that The Garden House invited me to present in the two tea rooms, the hall and the meeting room on the ground floor of the Garden House itself. 89 framed images were on display. Each image had been taken in the Gardens during my time as Photographer In Residence for the Garden House, and since my first exhibition there. This exhibition contained the imageof Escholzia california, which received an Honourable Mention in a Royal Horticultural Society photographic competition, the story of which is in Pictures of My Lifetime gallery.

( 15) 2010 The Café

Harbour House, Kingsbridge

I was invited to display work from my exhibition ‘Incite’ for five months of the year as a rolling display. Framed images were for sale, as were blank greeting s cards

(14) 2010 Incite

Harbour House, Kingsbridge

Although there was a wide variety of subjects in this exhibition, approximately one third of the 95 framed images reflected flora and fauna close up images. Many images of the nude form in the landscape were also featured. Landscapes of both Brittany and the South West of England were included. The Klezmer Ceilidh Band, Kevara kindly played at the opening of the exhibition

(13) 2009 Café

Harbour House, Kingsbridge

This rolling display of my work extended for six months of the year and features local work, French scenes and a wide variety of my botanical photography. All work was for sale and there was also a selection of blank greeting cards .

(12) 2009 Second Glance

Harbour House, Kingsbridge

This was the first exhibition at Harbour House to feature panoramic images. They ranged form landscapes to macro flora photographic work. Also, three 1.5m true canvases depicting Place Miroir d’eau Bordeaux, (which is in the Pictures of my Lifetime gallery) Lichens on a gravestone and one of a section through a felled ash tree were featured. Many images encouraged viewers to look and work out what they were seeing, hence the concept of the images requiring a Second Glance. At the opening of the exhibition, the late Mike Edwards, formerly of ELO , viola da gamba player, and cellist with Devon Baroque, played Bach’s Unaccompanied Cello Suites, as his incredibly kind and generous contribution to supporting my photography. An event never to be forgotten.


(11) 2009 Garden In The House

The Garden House, Buckland Monachorum

Having been a Photographer In Residence for The Garden House since 2006, I was offered the use of the two tea rooms, hallway and meeting room to display images of the aspects that I had recorded with my photography. This exhibition of 66 mounted, framed prints attracted a lot of very positive attention and was very successful for The Garden House, through increased visitor numbers. At the opening of this exhibition Mike McInerney gave a stunning performance on his Japanese longitudinal flute, the shakuhachi, that was memorable and totally complementary to the beautiful garden backdrop.

(10) 2008 Creative Beauty

Stuart House, Liskeard

This joint exhibition with Howard Nolan, and another local artist, featured landscape and natural history images taken in the area around Liskeard. I was not responsible for the publicity for this exhibition, hence the inclusion of one of my images rather than a poster of my design for the event.

(9) 2008 On and On and Further On

KEVIC, Totnes

This was the second of my collaborative projects, using a blend of my visual images and Sam’s Richard’s sound input. On and On and Further On was musician Sam’s brainchild. It was an avant garde performance, featuring improvisation, the use of a partially prepared piano, and interpretation of aspects of graphic score. On this occasion it was the intention that my images would follow his musical lead, from the interpretation previously recorded by my husband, practitioner in sound, Richard Douglas-Green.     

(8) 2008 Café

Harbour House, Kingsbridge

This exhibition contained images from the previous year’s full Gallery exhibition ‘Split Second’ at Harbour House. As a rolling exhibition, additional local images were included at regular intervals over the course of the five months this exhibition was displayed.

(7) 2007 Between The Salt Water And The Sea Strand

Harbour House, Kingsbridge Stuart House, Liskeard
Phoenix Centre, Exeter Flavel Centre, Dartmouth Plymouth University KEVIC, Totnes,

Arts Council funding was granted for this collaborative presentation. Sam Richards had seen my work and decided that a joint visual and sound venture would be a worthwhile project . I assembled a visual presentation featuring the juxtaposition of the nude human form, with coastal water and rock formations, with the intention of Sam improvising as the image projection progressed.  A basic guiding sound track was laid  down by my husband Richard Douglas-Green,  recording Sam on keyboard. The other musicians involved varied between the six presentations in different public locations of this project. My photography and the fluidity and interest of the visual blending received acclaim from each of the presentations. 


(6) 2007 Split Second

Harbour House, Kingsbridge

This was the first of my exhibitions at Harbour House that came came about in a way I could not have predicted. When a last minute cancellation of an exhibition caused a huge quandry for administrative staff at Harbour House, a friend ‘kindly’ mentioned that I ‘could present an exhibition at the drop of a hat’.  A fortnight later, ‘SplitSecond’ opened, thus starting an exhibition sequence that ran for 10years. The intention was to show that the camera could capture events in a way that no other medium could do with the same efficiency in a split second of time. This exhibition was to be the last where I did not do all of the printing myself (except the large plasticised canvases) 98 framed prints were displayed, as well as browser box images and blank greeting cards.    

(5) 2007 Carkeet Through Two Sets Of Eyes

Stuart House , Liskeard

This joint exhibition was held with my very good young friend Adam Halls. I had been working with Adam for several years, and photographing his family farm on Bodmin Moor. He is the only person to whom I have granted the opportunity to use my work as source material. I was delighted to work alongside this multi-talented young man and saw the tremendous talent waiting to be encouraged and developed, especially through his textile arts. This exhibition featured my photography, Adams paintings and also his interpretation of some of my images as his textile interpretations, together with his original textile creations.     

(4) 2006 Wildlife

Tea Rooms, Powderham Castle

Wildlife photographer John A Howells invited me to share the exhibition space to present images based on local fauna when he was invited by the administrators of Powderham Castle to mount a wildlife exhibition there, following a day’s display where we contributed to a ‘Bug Day’. This became a rolling exhibition, lasting for about six months.


(3) 2006 The Nude Form

The Frank Haynes Gallery, Market Harborough

As the result of seeing some of my work on the nude form in a British Naturism magazine, Frank Haynes invited me to contribute to his annual month long exhibition on the nude form in his gallery. Both national and international exhibitors’ work was represented in a variety of media. This image is one of the images of mine that he selected. 


(2) 2006 In Tune

Stuart House, Liskeard

This was my first solo photographic exhibition, but I was delighted to be able to share the exhibition space with my brother, Terry Riley, vessel flute maker. He made his vessel flutes, and I was able to play his instruments as well. My sixty framed prints were displayed in the main gallery, Jane room and the stairway. Blank cards and browser box material were also available and a continuous screen projection also played.   

(1) 2006 The Beauty Around Us

Stuart House, Liskeard

It was by chance that a group of photographers in south east Cornwall wanted a ‘bomb proof’ life model to work with, in preparation for a shoot with professional people. I was the model recommended to them. They knew of my interest in photography, and I subsequently went on a variety of shoots with them. Howard Nowlan and Tony Smith decided that they would like to stage an exhibition featuring their work. They found that it would be an asset to increase the body of work by inviting me to add mine as well. For this, I am exceedingly grateful, because it provided me with the opportunity to exhibit my work publicly for the first time. The exhibition of local landscapes and the nude form proved to be successful for me, and a memorable start to the public availability of my work.